Why Courtroom Sidekicks


At Courtroom Sidekicks, we focus on the client’s need to obtain, prepare and present a professional and clear set of facts and evidence. Our services are designed to assist our clients during all phases of the case, starting with Scanning, Printing, Copying, and Synchronization of depositions. Next, we build supporting demonstratives, such as, graphics, video/text clips, and static boards. Finally, we provide all standard equipment and present the materials seamlessly supporting the attorney’s presentation of the case to a jury, mediator or arbitration board. Courtroom Sidekicks eases the burden on the paralegal and attorney allowing them to concentrate on the most important thing, the TRIAL.

We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technicians draw on a wealth of invaluable information from experiences in retail, accounting, international business, information technology and even a law degree. Our experienced staff is well educated and highly motivated to make your case preparation and presentation a winning experience.


Our Services

Courtroom Sidekicks offers high quality support with scanning, copies/duplication services, printing, mediation and arbitration support, mock trial, pre-trial preparation, and in-court support for attorneys and litigation staff.

Our Team

Courtroom Sidekicks was founded to provide high quality support to attorneys and litigation staff. We focus on the most effective and efficient way to present evidence for jury recall and understanding. Our staff is highly trained, well-educated and motivated to make your courtroom visit a winning experience.


When we provide estimates we ensure that they are as accurate as possible and based upon our years of experience in providing litigation support.