Courtroom Sidekicks offers two types of scanning. First we offer the customary off-site scanning in which documents are shipped to our location or picked up for processing. This is charged on a standard per page scanned pricing schedule.

Second, we offer on-site scanning at a fixed hourly rate. This usually results in a reduced per page cost and allows the firm or company to retain its’ documents throughout the process. Changes are easier to make while using this method. Scanning performed in-house has a page range depending on light, medium or heavy litigation and the condition of the documents. Documents riddled with staples, rubber bands, paper clips, or in poor condition will require more time. However, the average scanning speed will be between 1000 and 6000 pages per hour. This type of service is subject to a two hour minimum and includes letter and legal sizes as well as color and black and white scanning.

Glass work and oversized scanning must be performed off-site and is priced by the job.

Copies/Duplication Services

Copies can be created from documents provided to us or from previously scanned images. Scanning can be done in conjunction with duplication or as a separate function depending on the needs of the client. All copies and duplication services are priced per page and performed off site.


Printing will include any number of copies for the production of trial exhibits and notebooks. Notebooks can be created allowing attorneys to have all exhibits easily accessible and neatly assembled for admission throughout the trial. Different color binders are typically used to determine the individual copies or the material within the binders. (Black for Judge, Blue for Defendant, Green for Plaintiff or Black for agreed upon exhibits, Blue for contested Plaintiff and Green for contested Defendant, etc.). Production is priced per page plus the cost of labor, tabs and notebooks.

Graphics (Static, Animated and 3D)

Graphics can be added to help enhance the presentation as well as make information easily digestible to the lay jury. We work with the client and witnesses to assemble the necessary information and ensure that it is properly supported and diagramed in the graphics to communicate the message, as well as support the clients’ and witness’ findings and facts. Graphics design and development is billed hourly at rates commensurate with the degree of complexity and sophistication needed.

Mediation and Arbitration Support

Mediation and Arbitration Services allow us the ability to promote settlement of the matter with as little cost to the client as possible. These services encompass all of the services above but to a lesser extent. A well crafted presentation at mediation/arbitration often motivates opposing counsel and/or their client to be more willing to settle the case in a reasonable and timely manner. This service is billed according to trial rates on either a daily or hourly basis.

Mock Trial

Courtroom simulation can be used to test your case prior to actual litigation and help evaluate the presentation and strength of the case. This is charged the same as trial support but requires less pre-trial preparation costs.

Pre-Trial Preparation

Pre-Trial Preparation includes synchronization of videos and depositions (if not previously performed), clip generation, document accumulation and organization, case file creation and management, and pre-trial meetings. These services are billed hourly.

In-Court Support

In-Court Support includes all standard equipment and labor during the trial. Equipment is not charged separately. Courtroom Sidekicks handles all courtroom set-up and arrangements with the court and courtroom staff. During trial a war room can be provided in which all printing and scanning of a reasonable nature is gratis. It is our mission to ensure that the evidence presented is done so seamlessly. Smaller and less complex litigation is charged by the day and complex matters are billed by the hour.